Knee Injury Recap

To my loyal blog readers,

Sorry I disappeared for the last couple months, I didn’t write because I didn’t feel like I had a lot to say, but here’s a recap.

Knee surgery went well; from a knee perspective I was continually waiting on a timeline for the go ahead to do more activities. It never hurt too bad and has just required patience. The worst part was a side effect, through walking peg-legged I messed up my back. This caused me much more pain and concern than any of the knee troubles. The only positive I could find in the back trouble is that it forced me to be still, otherwise I would have been super anxious to be active much earlier. Most importantly, both are nearly entirely healed at this point.

I never expected to spend so much of my unemployed time living in my sister’s basement healing, but this had a positive side as well. I have been able to build better relationships with my niece and nephews than I ever would have otherwise. It has been fantastic to get closer to them and watch them grow and learn. I’d like to publicly thank my sister and brother in-law for allowing me to stay for so long.

I also traded vehicles. I’m not really sure if it is an upgrade or downgrade, but I am now the proud owner of a soccer mom style minivan. This is a move I never would have made in the midst of travels, but it is going to be much more spacious. My parents even built me a bed with storage underneath, hung my crash pad, and helped update my curtains. After I get fully settled in I’ll include some pictures of my new “studio apartment on wheels”.

Mid way through recovery I was asked once whether I was really upset or angry that I was sidelined for so long. I thought for a minute, but the answer sincerely was no. My knee is something that will heal completely. This definitely wasn’t in my plan, but I didn’t have a specific plan. I will be back on the road soon, and I think my overall mindset about how to set out is improved as a result of the delay. I’ve taken time to think about how to travel better. I still don’t know where this journey is leading, but I’m still keeping God in charge.



Picture credits to my 3 year old nephew.

Picture credits to my 3 year old nephew.

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