An Unexpected Turn – to Virginia

Many are the plans in the mind of man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand

-Proverbs 19:21


The local landmark in my new city.

               God had continued to move me along an unexpected course.  As mentioned in my last post, after two years I was anxious for whatever was next.  As amazing as van life was, I was ready to have a consistent community and basic amenities again.  So, I started applying for jobs.  I applied for one that seemed perfect based in Salt Lake City, but three months later I was turned down.  I applied for a job in Bend, Oregon that I wasn’t truly qualified for, and go turned down.  I thought I would definitely move somewhere out west, but I had enjoyed my time in Kentucky and West Virginia, so I decided to broaden my search area.    

               As timing happened to work out, I found myself babysitting a friend’s 6 week old baby in Washington D.C. for a week.  This allowed me lots of time with a consistent internet connection do job hunt and send out resumes.  I sent out 5.  Then remembered that my sister had told me that a friend from church worked for a company that did laser stuff, and was hiring engineers.  I texted her for contact information, and sent a blind e-mail to a guy I’d never met.  I few e-mails later and he had a copy of my resume, and I was intrigued by this possibility.  The job seemed like a really good fit, and the location seemed to be filled with outdoors activities. 

               I traveled all around the northeast, completing my tour of all 48 of the continuous states.  I spoke to a recruiter from a rest stop in Vermont, and completed a phone interview from a library conference room in Massachusetts.  When I arrived at the library they happened to have a display of books targeted at people who were re-entering the work force.  I spent about two hours reading difficult interview questions, and remembering more details about my projects at Caterpillar. 

               From there a whirlwind began.  I drove to NJ, picked up a friend from the airport and climbed with him in the NY.  Then I dropped him back off at the airport and drove to Niagara Falls.  Niagara Falls had been on my bucket list, so I made a quick swing by on my way back to Minnesota for our annual family waterski vacation.  From there, I flew to VA for an in person interview, explored the city a little, then flew back to MN to wait (or explore).  While waiting for an offer, I drove to Colorado, met a friend and attempted to climb the Diamond on Long’s Peak (that’s a whole different story).  After failing to reach the summit, I drove to my Aunt’s house in Greeley, and accepted a job offer. 

               I had about a month to get back to MN, gather my things, travel to Roanoke, find a place to live and start work.  I arrived with my van in Roanoke 5 days before I was scheduled to start work, needing a bigger place to live.  I visited as many as I could get into, and got my keys to a house on the third day.  That Monday morning I reported to a brand new company for a brand new job.  Frankly, I didn’t realize how much of an advantage it had been to move within Caterpillar.  Even though I was in a new place with new people, I still had a network, and I still knew how the basic systems worked.  Now, I was started with a completely blank slate. 

               I never expected to end up here, and have no idea why this is my new home, but I am confident that this is where God has me for now.  So far I am enjoying the challenges at work, the mountain view from my home, the local outdoor community, indoor plumbing, and my queen size bed!!  I’m going to keep the blog alive as I already have a couple more things to right about, have no idea where life is going from here, and I still have an open project waiting to be completed.


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1 Response to An Unexpected Turn – to Virginia

  1. Michelle Barringer says:

    Congratulations Kristi! It’s always adventurous when we follow and climb with God. I’m also happy for you that you get to have a mountain view! 🙂


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